Sunless Bronzing $85

A self-tanning treatment that stimulates a long lasting golden tan.  A gentle exfoliation softens and prepares the skin for the application of the self-tanning cream, leaving the skin positively glowing.  You will leave our care with the ultimate guilt free glow!  Includes a take home bottle of bronzer.

Bronzing Maintenence $55

Let us help you maintain your healthy glow.  Bring back your take home bronzer and we will apply it for you.  Includes exfoliation and hydrator.


Red Island Ritual Treatment | 60 minutes $100

Indulge yourself in a complete sensorial journey, beginning with a full body exfoliation with our aromatic fruit seed mixture.  A relaxing, choreographed massage follows and is performed with exotic oils and a specific wooden massage tool created by hand and indigenous to the "Red Island" of Madagascar.  This treatment relieves tension and stress to energize and restore vitality.


Custom Salt Scrubs| Body Polishes | Body Wraps

Enjoy an invigotating and exfoliating customized treatment.  After a consultation with your therapist the best products to suit your needs will be selected.


Choices of Salts and Polishes

Aromatic fruit seeds, Himalayan detoxifying salts, shea butter and papaya scrub, aloe vera/sweet almond oil creme exfolient.

Full body

45 minutes $75 | Back 15 minutes $25

*Add a scrub or body polish to a massage or facial for $55




Experience the ultimate in relaxation...just like our body scrubs and polishes our body wraps are also customized for each guest's specific needs.  Each wrap begins with a full body exfoliation with one of our salt or polishing products.  While youare wrapped your therapist will massage your scalp and your feel while letting the products absorb into your skin for maximum benefints.   Hot steam towels are then used to remove the wrap mixture.  Last but not least your treatment is finished with the application of a hydrating lotion.  You will be left feeling smooth, firm and refreshwed from your head to your toes... HEAVENLY!


Silhouette Wrap | 60 minutes $125

Exfoliate and detoxify with purifying seaweed and mineral mud.  This mixture helps to breakdown fatty deposits, drain toxins and eliminate excess water retention.


Purifying Thermal Clay Wrap | 60 minutes $125

Exfoliate and invigorate with purifying kaolin clay.  This mixture improves circulation, removes impurities and boosts metaboilism.


Hydrating Cocoon Wrap | 60 minutes $125

Exfoliate and hydrate with this ultra-moisturizing aroma balm and body mask.  This mixture will leave the skin nourished, soft and silky smooth with improved skin tone and firmness.


Five Element Aroma Wrap | 50 minutes $90

Whether it is invigorating a sluggish body, promoting vitality, energy and clarity or calming those suffering with stress or worry, we design a wrap using biodynamic aromatherapy infused oils to make your worries and woes a thing of the past.


Seasonal Wrap | 50 minutes $85

Enjoy a wrap designed for the current season.


*Add a petite facial to any body wrap for $45 (regularly $60)