The Sanctuary Signature Massage (Deep Tissue)

This customized massage uses hot and/ or cold therapy, cross fiber friction massage techniques and other massage modalities. These techniques help condition and repair stressed muscles from overuse and fatigue due to working out and sports activities. 
30 minutes $65 | 60 minutes $95 | 90 minutes $135

Warm Stone Massage

This nurturing and soothing massage brings together hot basalt stones, blended aromatherapy oils, along with classical therapeutic massage strokes. The hot stones melt away knots, lengthen muscles and relieve tension, creating a deep feeling of relaxation.
75 minutes $135

Tranquility Massage (Swedish)

Enjoy the benefits of a full body masage enhanced with a synergistic blend of aromatherapy oils. This massage consists of long, flowing rhythmic strokes used to improve the circulatio, ease muscle aches, tension and create total relaxation. 
30 minutes $60 | 60 minutes $85 | 90 minutes $125

Maternity Massage

A specialty treatment for the mommy-to-be to help alleviate low back pain, reduce water retention and improve over all well-being. (Always consult with your physician before scheduling a massage during pregnancy.)
75 min $110

(can only be done in the 2nd and 3rd trimester)

Couples Massage

(includes Tranquility, Stone, or Signature massage treatments). 

Enjoy a relaxing massage with a friend, spouse, or significant other. 60 or 90 minutes (call for pricing)

Foot Reflexology

The ancient art of massaging pressure points on the feet to stimulate specific organs and systems of the body. Promotes and speeds up detoxification to create a sense of relaxation and well-being.

30 minutes $50