Cryotherapy – The most exciting new recovery therapy in the world of sports and wellness.

In recent months, whole-body cryotherapy — which was developed in Japan in 1978 to treat arthritis — has exploded thanks to celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Derek Hough and Mandy Moore, who’ve been Instagramming their sci-fi-looking treatment pics. Makeup maven Bobbi Brown, Yoko Ono and Daniel Craig are devotees, and the New York Knicks have two cryo-saunas installed in Madison Square Garden. Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is such a fan, he bought his own $50,000 device.

Train Harder + Recover Faster

People who use cryotherapy say the experience makes them feel refreshed and invigorated.  Users claim a host of benefits, both physical and mental.  This practice can reduce pain and inflammation caused by strenuous exercise.  Athletes can train harder and recover faster.


First Session discount – $25
1 Session – $55
3 Session Package – $135
5 Session Package – $175
Monthly Unlimited Session Package – $295

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