Prom Hair Trends 2019

Prom is your night to shine, but there's a chance you're still seriously debating about what to do with your luscious locks. Well, we're here to solve all of your problems in that department. Here are some cute and super doable hairstyles that will look gorgeous on your big night out...

Pretty Waves // Mixed Mega Braids

Urban Allure Pretty Waves.jpg
MIxed Mega Braids.jpg

Faux Wet Hair // Fairy Princess Florals

Faux Wet Hair.jpg
Fairy Princess Florals.jpg

Perfect Loose Bun // Teased Half-Up

Prefect Loose Bun.jpg
Teased Half-Up.png

Sparkly Pins // A Bold Bubbly Pony

Sparkly Pins.jpg
Bold Bubbly Pony.jpg

Reach your goals, look your best… prom night is almost here!

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