Jill Knowles: #WelcomeToMyChair

Every month we will feature one of our Salon & Spa staff members so you get to know more about them and learn some new things, too.

Staff Member of the Month, Jill Knowles, tells us about her favorite products! Stay tuned until the end of her video to find out her secret talent... 


Unite Smooth & Shine is a heavier product that is not for everybody. People who have dry, coarse or unruly hair can benefit from this. This styling cream will give you a smooth, sleek look with a glossy finish and it has a nutrient-rich formula for hair health! It’s one of my faves because it smooths out my cuticle and adds moisture to my dry, frizzy, wavy hair. Works best on wet hair but can also be used on dry hair as a finishing product to tame flyaways.

Unite Smooth & Shine Styling Cream

Unite Smooth & Shine Styling Cream

Unite Texturiza Spray.png

Unite Texturiza is one of my favorite products because it gives instant volume and texture, with a little bit of hold to dry hair only, just like that. Texturiza lasts all day long, you will never fall flat! It can be used on most hair types and anyone who wants to create a more “lived in” look. 


Obliphica Seaberry Styling Cream is another fave of mine because of the variety of hair types you can use this on. The smell is amazing! It is used on wet hair. It smooths out frizz with a light hold and without weighing hair down. This product is not recommended for extremely fine, thin hair but can be used on all other hair types. 


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