Urban Allure Now Offering Thai Massage

Urban Allure is excited to announce we are now offering Thai Yoga Massage.  This is a 90 minute treatment, done fully dressed in comfortable clothing on a floor mat.

What is a Thai Yoga massage?

A therapeutic blend of passive stretches, inversions and compressions. This modality allows for the opening of every joint in the body, increases range of motion while obtaining relaxation.

The beauty of this technique is that it can range from a relaxation therapeutic massage to an aggressive muscle activating therapeutic massage.  The massage can also and will be customized to each client, to accommodate the different problem areas you may have.  For those of you with metal rods, pins and screws or any joint replacement, only a portion of this treatment can be given so please be sure to let the Urban Allure staff member know if you have any of the above when booking your appointment.

The body is not a limitation to be overcome, but rather it is a vehicle to higher states of consciousness, integration and freedom.

As always our Urban Allure Licensed Massage Therapist are dedicated to helping our clients obtain a better quality of life by increasing your range of motion and relieving pain.Intro